Backcountry Tours

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Propeak Guided Backcountry Touring

Experience rugged, natural Niseko - no lift lines, no chairlifts with Propeak's Certified Backcountry Guides.
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BDT Lift Assisted Backcountry Day Trips

The BDT Lift Assisted Backcountry Day Trip offers you direct access to the backcountry utilizing the vast lift networks in Hokkaido.
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BDT Introduction to Backcountry Skiing

Introduction to Backcountry Skiing is a great tour to learn the foundational skills you need to get out of the lift lines and explore the backcountry.
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BDT Advanced Backcountry Tours

Explore the best of the Hokkaido with Black Diamond Tours certified backcountry guides on touring skis or splitboard.
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BDT Yohtei Summit Tour

Conquer and ski Mount Yohtei's crater on Black Diamond Tours Yohtei Summit Tour.
Niseko Lift Access Backcountry Tour with Propeak. http://stokednisekohostel.com/vendor/niseko-lift-access-tours/ 

Propeak Lift Access Backcountry Tour

Gain elevation with the help of the chairlifts and save your energy for laps in the "sidecountry" terrain of the ski areas.
Niseko Snowmobile assisted backcountry tour. Book with Stoked Niseko Hostel. http://stokednisekohostel.com/vendor/snowmobile-assisted-backcountry-tour/ 

Snowmobile Assisted Backcountry Tour

Supernatural Niseko offers snowmobile assisted backcountry tours to some of the best powder fields in the Niseko area.