cat skiing

Shimamaki cat skiing, Book with Stoked Niseko Hostel. http://stokednisekohostel.com/vendor/shimamaki-cat-skiing/ 

Shimamaki Snowcats

An epic 2 days of cat skiing at Shimamaki with HBC. Ski or ride the untouched powder in the Karibayama mountain range!
Cat skiing Japan with House of Powder Niseko. http://stokednisekohostel.com/vendor/cat-skiing-japan/ 

Chisenupuri Snowcat Powder Experience

THoP Snowcat Powder Experience offers a full day Cat assisted backcountry powder riding experience at the Chisenupuri ski area.
cat skiing niseko. Book with stoked niseko backpackers hostel. http://stokednisekohostel.com/vendor/cat-skiing-niseko/ 

Big Wave Cat Tours

No lines or competition, access to fresh, untracked, deep snow. A wide choice of terrain to suit every kind of powder junkie.
Book your Niseko Cat Skiing tour with Stoked Niseko Backpackers Hostel. http://stokednisekohostel.com/vendor/niseko-cat-skiing/ 

Niseko Weiss Powder Cats

Niseko Weiss Horn is the mountain with the deepest snow in Niseko, and it offers fresh powder riding through open bowls and tree runs.
Book your Weiss Cat Assisted Backcountry Tour with Stoked Niseko Backpackers Hostel. http://stokednisekohostel.com/vendor/weiss-cat-assisted-backcountry-tour/ 

Weiss Cat Assisted Backcountry Tour

Access previously out-of-reach terrain with a Cat Assisted Backcountry Tour with Niseko Weiss Powder Cats.