Hanazono Snowmobile Tours 

Hanazono Snowmobile Tours

Charge through the famous powder snow of Niseko on the back of your own high-performance snowmobile
Shimamaki cat skiing, Book with Stoked Niseko Hostel. http://stokednisekohostel.com/vendor/shimamaki-cat-skiing/ 

Shimamaki Snowcats

An epic 2 days of cat skiing at Shimamaki with HBC. Ski or ride the untouched powder in the Karibayama mountain range!
Cat skiing Japan with House of Powder Niseko. http://stokednisekohostel.com/vendor/cat-skiing-japan/ 

Chisenupuri Snowcat Powder Experience

THoP Snowcat Powder Experience offers a full day Cat assisted backcountry powder riding experience at the Chisenupuri ski area.
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Niseko Snowbike Adventures

Snow biking is a combination of a dirtbike and snowmobile and is one of the new, gnarly, up and coming winter sports out there.
Heli skiing Japan. Book your heli ski experience with Stoked Adventure Hostel. http://stokednisekohostel.com/vendor/heli-skiing-japan/ 

Hokkaido Backcountry Club Heli Skiing

Heli Skiing in Japan with HBC is one of the best ways to experience the deep powder and open runs found in Hokkaido.